Road transport up to 25 tons

Thanks to many years of work and experience, we have a trusted network of partners with a wide fleet of transport vehicles with a maximum load capacity of 25 tons.

We provide our clients with fleet having tarpaulin trailers, elevator, as well as container cooling system.

We engage in transport of such goods as computer equipment, electronics and household appliances, mobile phones and car components - spare parts and tires, as well as motorcycles.

We have also provided transport services for food products - coffee, tea, chocolate, as well as alcohol and tobacco products. We also transport medicines and pharmaceutical products.

We also organize transport of dangerous goods on the basis of the provisions contained in the ADR convention.

Thanks to our expanded forwarding service, we are able to organize transport with coilmulde trailers, and we are also able to transport rolled steel in coils or spools.

Thanks to the possibility of using special "mega" trailers, we are able to transport goods up to 3 meters high and with a capacity of up to 100 m3. We also offer transport of goods in combos with a cubature of 110-120cbm.


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