LTL groupage transport - Bielsko-Biała

Groupage transport consists in the shipping of small-sized goods. It usually happens that such load does to fill the entire space intended for transport in a vehicle, which is why the method of combining it into one shipment is used.

Therefore, small-size shipments are transported along a specific route, along with other small loads that can be unloaded and loaded along designated route.

We always meet the market needs that are constantly growing. That is why our offer of LTL groupage transport in a single vehicle is addressed to everyone who wants to optimize transport costs.

Each time we make appropriate arrangements regarding planned route to avoid the so-called empty mileage and so that driver can pick up and deliver all small goods at once, on one route.


Emergency transport - Bielsko-Biała

We are aware of the importance of time in the event of urgent transport. For extra urgent shipments we offer a special emergency transport service.

Our forwarding company will assist you in emergency situations and will certainly meet any logistic challenge. We will treat your shipment as emergency and propose the most optimal route for transporting an urgent shipment.

Thanks to a well-developed logistics network and courtesy of companies with which we cooperate throughout Europe, we are able to execute any order in the shortest possible time.



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